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I am an explorer of nature, designer of award-winning curriculum and outreach programs, and graduate of the Outdoor Product Design and Development program at Utah State University. I'm passionate about designing apparel and softgoods that further my goals of creating connections to nature, increasing accessibility to the outdoors, and environmental sustainability.

My work draws inspiration from historic apparel and gear to revive design elements and heritage textiles that are still relevant today. In particular, I am inspired by expeditionary, military, and workwear apparel and gear from 1870-1950. My designs often begin with thinking about how to solve a modern design problem, exploring available heritage textiles, such as handwoven Harris Tweed from Scotland, and reviewing historic design elements.  

Sustainability is a primary focus of my design philosophy. I strongly believe in designing apparel and gear that never goes out of style and lasts for a lifetime. I maximize the use of natural and recycled materials in all of my designs to minimize environmental impact.

Through my experience as a production sewer and my hobbies of leather crafting, backpack design, and apparel alteration, I have developed my skills in design, prototyping, construction techniques, such as cutting, dyeing, and stitching, as well as inventory management and marketing. My independent leather business, Summit Creek Designs, has received 1,000 orders and maintains a five-star rating. I’m excited to continue building my skills and contributing to collaborative teams as an outdoor product designer!

I love the limitless opportunities to explore the West's incredible natural environments, from skiing the high peaks, to getting my feet wet in Great Salt Lake, to hiking in the southern Utah desert. Through exploration and adventure, I uncover the hidden beauty of my home, revealing secrets that I can't wait to share with others. Connecting people to place promotes sustainability and stewardship of our natural world.

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